Best Guitars: All You Need to Know About Guitars

While you are searching for a guitar, it is important to know that there are different types available in the market that you should familiarize yourself with before settling on the one to get.

You can read reviews to know the types available but it helps to play various guitar types in the music shop. This way, you will get to know firsthand each of the models qualities to make an informed decision.

However the guitar you pick should mostly be based on the type of music that you would like to play as well as the aesthetic appeal of the design and color.

Below are the main types of guitars you can choose from.


Guitar Types

  • Acoustic guitars

This is one of the most common guitar types you can get in the market. There are 2 main types of acoustic guitars i.e. classical guitars and steel string acoustic guitars. The steel-string acoustic guitars which are also referred to as flat tops normally produce metallic sound which is a distinctive component of a wide array of popular genres. The word top for the guitar normally refers to the front or the face guitar which is also called table.

On the other hand classic guitars feature a wide neck and nylon strings. They are mostly associated with playing of a solo classical guitar repertoire. They are also referred to as Spanish guitars recognizing the country they originated from. The acoustic guitar can be used for a number of roles and tasks. It is an ideal song writer’s tool because of its portability and ease of use. It also has intimate and personal quality that is suitable for private spaces, small halls and churches.

We reviewed some of the best acoustic guitars, so you can decide easier what guitar is best suited for your playing needs.

  • Electric guitars

Electric guitars can be described as solid bodied guitars that are designed in a way where they need to be plugged into an amplifier. When it is amplified, the electric guitar will produce a sound that is metallic and with a lengthy decay. The shape of this guitar is normally determined by need of a deep resonating body something that has led to the manufacture of thin and contoured bodied electric guitars.

The 2 most popular designs include Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster. The strings are normally thinner when compared with the acoustic guitars. They are also closer to the neck which means that less pressure is needed when pressing them down.

Before buying a new guitar, we recommend you to stop at our best electric guitar buying guide. Lots of useful info and best guitar reviews.

  • Bass guitars

This is another option musicians have when it comes to guitar types. This can be described as a long neck that has thick strings. It comes with open strings that correspond with the 4 lowest strings on the guitar which are usually pitched an octave lower. The standard bass is designed to have 4 strings through it is possible to get ones that have 5 or 6 strings. It is considered the bass instrument of the family of guitars.

It is also vital to note that the double bass is considered the bass instrument in the orchestral string family thanks to the similar roles that draw in bass players to the instruments.


 Best Selling Guitars

Whether you are searching for an acoustic or electric guitar, quality must be your point of focus. This is because only a high quality guitar can provide you with the best music experience.

Important to note: the market features a great deal of guitars, hence the need to be very watchful and keen not to make the wrong choice. You want to choose among the best guitars. So read on and get the best guitar for your money.

Here we will point out some of the best selling guitars:


Jasmine S35 – Best Selling Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

The rosewood fretboard of this guitar advocates for its quality and reliability. This is because the wood has the capacity to last for a remarkably long time without denaturing.

Check our review of Jasmine S35

To further elongate the span of the guitar, lamination is done both on back and sides. This means that it can be exposed to harsh conditions and still maintain its quality.

Not to mention the guitar also features satin finish to complement its appearance and design. It is the kind of guitar that every beginner yearns for.


38” Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack – Best Selling Begginer Kit

Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Packag

38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

For those who are at their starter stages of playing guitar, this can work as an ideal selection. The guitar is ideal in the sense that it does not have sophisticated features which can challenge the user.

Aside from that, the guitar is of decent quality and comes with cheap price. Great for beginners.

Check our review of 38” Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

It comes with a full wood construction and very strong strings. Not to mention, the package also has extra strings for spare purposes.



Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar – Best Guitar for Kids

The fact that this guitar comes with nylon strings makes the playing experience for the user easy and enjoyable. The strings are designed in such a manner that they cannot easily hurt your fingers.

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

It is also very easy to tune hence providing the user with utmost flexibility to play any music.

The sturdy wood housing of the guitar is yet another advocating quality. The wood cannot break easily and it is designed to suit modernity.

Check our review of  Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar

It is a perfect choice for both beginners and kids due to its small size.


Full Size Black Electric Guitar – Best Selling Electric Guitar

Full Size Black Electric Guitar

Full Size Black Electric Guitar

For those looking for an electric guitar, here is what you might be looking for. The guitar comes with other accessories to ensure that you start playing right away.

Some of the accessories included in the package are amplifier, case and straps. Just what beginners need.

Check our Review of Full Size Black Electric Guitar

Important to note, the amplifier has a headphone jack to enable you monitor the tunes produced by the guitar. This means that you can avoid distortion completely irrespective of the sound you are making using the guitar.


Electric Bass Guitar Sunburst – Best Selling Bass Guitar

Best selling bass guitar at the moment. It plays great, sound good and looks nice.

It comes with extra strings, strap, pick and gig bag.

Check our review of Electric Bass Guitar Sunburst

Highly recommended for beginners starting to learn how to play bass guitar. With this bass guitar your learning experience will be smooth and fun. All that for a low price.

electric bass guitar sunburst

Electric Bass Guitar Sunburst


Important Things to Look for when Buying a New Guitar

Acquiring a guitar is a major investment for most players because if one makes the right purchase, the instrument may last for several years. Before beginning the search, a buyer needs to decide between the two major options that are available for customers to choose from, these are acoustic and electric.

While there are a number of factors to be considered when purchasing this wonderful musical instrument, the major decision needs to be based upon using the instrument. Therefore, if by any chance you have been wondering how to choose the best guitar, here are a few tips that will give you valuable insight into what to look for when out there shopping;

Guitar Type

As mentioned earlier on, this is the most critical aspect you cannot overlook when you are out there shopping for your first guitar. Decide what type of a guitar is it that you wish to purchase, is it electric or acoustic? You should understand that there are some variations between these types of guitars.

The fret board size, the strings as well as the sound do vary considerably. You could visit a musical instruments store and test a few guitars and as ask the store attendant for some advice regarding this. Tell them what kind of music you wish to play with a guitar and they may be in a position to offer you some nice suggestions.

Consider the Intonation

How is the intonation? In order to determine this, try to play a number of chord shapes up as well as down the neck. If it begins to sound out of tune on some chord shapes, then it means the instrument could be needing some work normally referred to as “set up”.

Look out for this, if the guitar hasn’t been fully setup ask the seller to see to that before you leave the shop with it otherwise you may be forced to pay extra for that to a third party. Hit each single note on the neck, is there any buzzing sound on the frets? If the answer is “YES” then it means there is a possible fret wearing of the thin metal bars which run across the neck.

Body Match

The instrument needs to properly fit the body of the player. Both the electric and the acoustic guitars have various body types. As for the former, the shapes are more heterogeneous and hard to categorize but the general shapes include cutaway (in which part of the design incorporates cutting into the body), solid body as well as exotics (for example the “Flying V”).

However, for the latter, the common body types are jumbo, dreadnought as well as classical. Both of these guitars are available in smaller models and buyers should not assume that they are intended for children. Some of the models may offer shortened necks and smaller bodies but equally posses the features of a quality guitar.

Look for Guitar Reviews

There are several publications which contain a lot of information about various models of guitars. These magazines feature helpful reviews of popular guitars together with the models not often available for testing in most stores. They also provide a valuable insight into the different design specifications of these models.

All these pieces of information can enable you to determine whether or not a given model matches your needs and should be tested.

Thoroughly Examine the Body

Examine the area around the neck as well as the area where the neck joins the wood of the body. This is a possible fault many buyers overlook. A new guitar which has any hairline cracks in the paint indicates more than likely a crack in the body which is something undesirable.

Do not purchase an instrument with this fault. Also look at the fret-board, is it straight? Again, examine the side of the neck at the string to ensure there are no warps and that the strings are all in line perfectly from side to side with a good spacing.

Decision Time

The key is spending a good amount of time examining as well as testing various instruments before making a purchase. Do not be afraid to ask the seller any relevant questions because they will be more than willing to help you.

Remember all the above points and you will for sure obtain one of the best guitars on the market.



Best Ways to Learn Playing Guitar

We’ve all heard guitars being played. They sound fantastic, don’t they? Especially when played in our favorite songs by our favorite music bands.Unknown to many is that, practically everyone can learn how to play a guitar and become a pro in a very short period of time.

Conveniently, guitars are fairly transportable, relatively inexpensive sufficiently easy to learn starting from the basics all the way to the complex techniques. However, many guitar learners tend to give up so soon after they start learning; not because guitar is heard to play, they never receive proper introduction when starting out.

We will be discussing a few essential principals, rather best ways to learn guitar.

1.Practice tirelessly

Yeah! Probably you’ve been told this. Practice does not only make perfect, it also puts you in a position to know how you make mistakes. If you are serious about learning how to play a guitar, then the first key and best way to learn guitar is through dedicated practices.

Try all keys either on your own or with someone experienced until you get them right. While practicing, it is imperative for you to know that like all other things, things won’t fall in place instantly and therefore you will be required to keep your patience.

Your practice should also be timed/well managed. For starters, regular 10 to 20 minutes practice a day is better than even 5 hours practice once in a week. Persistence is the key here.

2. Find a Way to Stay Encouraged

As stated before, learning a guitar is not that difficult, however, this does not mean that it is so easy either. Times will come when you feel like giving up, especially when things are not getting it right with the keys. You will start to develop blisters and sore fingers.

During these times, you will need more than just passion to continue. You need a purpose to endure all that pain.

Finding a purpose is pretty easy. You may want to start with coming up with easy to achieve goals and later on move to difficult ones.

Finally, don’t let people discourage you, when people try to criticize or discourage you, make it you business to disapprove them; including musicians and even the best guitar players in your region.

3. Learn the Basic Skills first, and in the right way

Don’t be like the majority who get lost from the start. Do some research or even hire someone experienced to train you on this.

It is so important, the way you start learning will determine how great you will be as a guitar player.

Let your emphasis be on the chords, notes and fingerings in general. Make sure you are getting them right before trying other advanced skills.

4. Train yourself to listen

Many guitar experts will agree with me that it takes a good listener to play good music. Unfortunately, listening is highly under-rated.

Show your passion for guitar by listening to how others play it. Through listening, you will be able to tell exactly what type of guitar they are playing and how easy they are playing. You can even try playing it along with or after you have listened to a few songs.

5. Learn some music theory

Lastly, on the best ways to learn guitar list is by teaching yourself briefly about music. Music theory gets you to understand the real essence of what you are doing. It will stretch your imagination giving you more incite and pleasure in what you are doing.

Google should be your best friend when it comes to this. Research everything you need to know about the notes, chords, types of guitars where they are played, how much they cost and such.

I believe you are now ready, why don’t you get a guitar and start pulling those strings. Let it be a gradual process. Without noticing you will be playing a guitar like a pro.

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